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New Original Prime Components
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Brand New and Old Original Stock including USA and stated Manufacturer
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    Gathered over decades, a large stock of electronic stuff has been sitting on our shelves. This Collection includes components such as Capacitors, Coils, Diodes, ICs, Resistors, Transformers, Transistors, and obscure, hard to find parts like Tubes!
    A fraction of the tubes in stock are used, held as good, since they are of high quality, being no longer made in the USA. They are priced accordingly.

    RC Electronics is offering this great collection at reasonable prices!


    The Collection, of course, includes a large assortment of equipment. Amateur Communications Gear, Consumer Audio, Test Equipment, Commercial RF, Power Supplies large and small, Radios young and old, plus much more.

Classic and Antique

    We have in the wings Classic Vintage stuff as well as Rare Antiques squirreled away in secure barns situated in 40 acres of woods.
    More and more of these cool items will be posted soon.

Manufactured Products

    Designing and Manufacturing Products to fit needed uses has always been our forte.
    Backup services for our endeavors including technical support concerning all of our products has always been our standard method of operation.


    RCE has Calibrated, Repaired, Serviced all types of electronics and offered technical information since 1974.
It Makes Sense to Have an Electronics Company You Can Depend on.
"No issue is too small."

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Introducing Ultimate Invoice
Brief Description:
    Features seamless Clients, Vendors, Checks, Receipts, and Accounts modules for easy editable simple accounting. Included are modules: Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Estimates/Work Orders, Reorder, POs, Accounts Payable, AR, Equipment, Assemblies, Service, Calibration Laboratory Certificates, Statements and Reports with filters including auto date ranges. Only a product name and price is needed for making simple invoices.
     The technical aspects are truly awesome. Email made quotes and invoices with a mouse click. Make HTML ready listings of your products by all or use search criteria. Export product data to Shopping Cart ready code using extensive filters.
    Files checked for trojans and viruses regularly. For personal use only and any commercial use of these programs, scripts, pages or images is strictly prohibited!
Prices are subject to change. Displayed prices are current.

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   The Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce has had no complaints in over 43 years of RCE's services!

   Since 1996, RCE has had 100% positive feedback status from our auctions on eBay!

More to follow...
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