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    Traditional print publishing uses paper as a meduim. ePublishing also uses CDs, DVDs and downloadable programs from the internet as a versitle multimedia medium. Full applications of multimedia includes graphics and audio. Not just pictures, but videos.
    Not only music, but with Text to Speach options!

    eAlbums, eBooks and eManuals are durable, unique and easy by using new multimedia presentation techniques!


    eAlbums display video with or without audio content. Pictures can me automatically paged through or manual stepped to find the desired one, then magnified or reduced for best viewing. Images are either scanned, directly input digitaly or converted from an analog source.
    eAlbums are a durable, unique and easy way to view images and videos that have a good look and feel with clear and easy on screen navigation and image controls.


    Durable, with a unique look and feel, plus easy to use, eBooks are the new multimedia medium! True multimedia includes graphics and audio. Not only music, but with the free installed reader options, eBooks can read themselves to you! You choose the voice, speed and whether to include verbosity and more.
    Finding a passage or instantly going to a chapter are unique advantages of eBooks.


    eManuals are a durable, unique and easy way to use reference material. RCE produces eManuals that have a good look and feel with clear and easy on screen navigation and image controls. On sreen manual pages are clear and as close to the original as possible.


  • PDF - Uses commom reader with search, chooseable fonts and size.
  • MSReader - Clear, sized and aligned text to give an enhanced feel and look to the story.
  • EXE - Self contained, fast with unique look and feel.
  • WAV - Play in your CD player to listen to content.

Media Types

    Programs available on CD or downloadable from our web site.
  • CD/DVD - Uses a durable commom physical medium.
  • Downloadable - Bargin! Instant product without shippping costs.

System Requirements

    Applications are designed to be easy to use, fast and use minimal hardware resources. The presentation program is written in Java and has its roots in a Foxpro database slide show presentation.
  • Hardware:
    Pentium or higher IBM® compatible PC
    64MB of RAM (128MB recommended)
    CD ROM reader
    High Color VGA Video and VGA monitor capable of high color
  • Hard Drive:
    CD version does not install anything not even a temporary file to your hard drive and only requires temporary RAM in your computer to run. If the 'EXE' program is stored on the system's hard drive, the needed size is dependent on the specific application. Does not install anything to your hard drive except the application and requires only RAM overhead from your computer to run.
  • Platforms:
    This program runs under Windows® 95, 98, 2000, and XP which uses NT technology. The screen setting should be set to High Color, or else the pages will look grainy.
  • Speed:
    The faster the CPU and CD ROM reader speed, the faster the images appear on your screen. And of course the more RAM you have, the faster the imaging process will be.
    Files checked for trojans and viruses regulary. For personal use only and any commercial use of these programs, scripts, pages or images must be licensed.
Prices are subject to change. Displayed prices are current.

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