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    Transformer 100 VA 50/60 Hz Pri 110V -13.5-32VCT Frame-L Brackt on Boar Power
    $ 18.50
    Variac 120v 50/60Hz Input 10A 1.4KVA Variac 1010
    $ 79.00
    Transformer Pri 110V - 14.8-16V Frame-Ear Mount Power 1035-223
    $ 7.50
    Variac 120VAC In 0-120/132V Out 1.75A 50/60 Hz Black Metal Box Variac With Isolation Xfm 10B
    $ 37.50
    Powerstat Variac 115VAC In 0-135V Out 15A 2KVA 50/60 Hz Variac 1126 SN 20038
    $ 129.50
    Powerstat Variac 115VAC In 0-135V Out 7.5A 1.KVA 50/60 Hz Variac 116
    $ 85.00
    Powerstat Variac 120VAC In 0-140V Out 12.5A 1.8KVA 50/60 H Variac 126 U
    $ 114.50
    Powerstat Variac 120VAC In 0-140VAC O 3A 1.8KVA 60 Hz Variac 20
    $ 65.00
    Variac 115VAC In Variac 200B
    $ 15.00
    Powerstat Variac 120/240VAC In 10A 2.8KVA 50/60 Hz Variac 236B
    $ 99.50
    Transformer 500 Ohm CT 8 Ohm CT 300 Hz 3.5 Khz PC Mount Power 429-7201 ME429-7201
    $ 6.29
    Transformer PC Mount Bias Osc TD849 70-10396 D1-1462
    $ 14.04
    Transformer 24V CT 2.4A 50/60Hz 115/230V Pri Power CFP608
    $ 14.95
    Variac 220VAC In 0-270VAC O 2A 50/60 Hz Variac M2H-S1
    $ 17.50
    Transformer 100 VA 50/60 Hz Pri 110V - 220-440V Frame-Ear Mount Power MT100MQMJ
    $ 57.50
    Transformer 220 / 115 V 600 VA Frame-Ear Mount Stepdown Autotransformer N-7 MG
    $ 124.65
    Powerstat Variac 220VAC In 0-270VAC O 2A 50/60 Hz Variac V5H
    $ 45.00

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  RCE has been in the electronic service and retail business since 1974. Starting in the early 80s we had an international mail order business selling computer equipment via an 800 line with technical customer support.
  Each specific product is described as closely as possible for the most accurate idea of what you are bidding on.
  Any accompanying pictures represent the actual merchandise unless otherwise stated.


  Over the years we amassed a huge inventory of Antique, NOS (New Old Stock), Used and New equipment and components. We have electronic test equipment, amateur and commercial two-way radios, all kinds of consumer gear, over 10 thousand American tubes, obsolete and rare components including ICs, Diodes, Transistors, etc.
  We are now starting to offer our tremendous stock to the public.  All of our stock has been acquired by either lot buy-outs from other companies, guaranteed repairs not picked up or left unrepaired, trades/trade-ins, and some new store stock that did not sell for some reason or another.

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  Shipping methods vary. See each specific item for details on carrier options.


  Each item has its own conditions. If it is sold AS IS that means there is no returning it to us. So please read the description carefully to make sure you are willing to abide by our no return policy on AS IS merchandise.
  If the item is guaranteed, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the item, with the reason for the return. You will be issued an RMA on legitimate problems. This must accompany the shipped product with any additional requested material and packed well. You pay shipping back to us and we pay the shipping to you.
  If you truly feel that the item is not what it was represented to be, contact us at and we will try and fix the problem. Be sure and contact us instead of feeling unsatisfied with your purchase.

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